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Have your photo taken with Sasqutch... if he let's you! He's 10' of elusive animatronics! Watch out! Learn about the sightings, the mysteries and share your stories with Sasquatch's caretakers at the event, Scot and Hannah Violette of Squatch America.They will be on hand with their informative display, their NEW

expedition vehicle and Bigfoot


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See the All-New Jet Shark!

The Jet Shark is an all new, semi-submersible boat, designed and built by the co-creator of the hugely popular Seabreacher line of watercraft. These custom built vessels were designed to look and perform like Sharks, Dolphins, and Whales! 

Rob Innes, founder of the Jet Shark, has been designing and selling unique custom-built watercraft for over 25 years. “The goal with the Jet Shark was to offer the unique experience of diving below the water’s surface but in a far more spacious, user-friendly vessel.” 

The  Jet has seating for four, full sized adults inside, an air conditioned, watertight cockpit with large panoramic windows. Future models will accommodate up to six occupants as well as offering a number of different trim levels and power plant options. The current Jet Shark is powered by a 420hp, Kodiak Marine engine. They will also offer 600hp supercharged engines as well as diesel engines for commercial tourist vessels. 

The earlier Seabreacher vessels were initially geared towards the high-performance, custom-built market, however in years they have been used by commercial tourist operations offering passengers the opportunity to dive, jump, and roll like an aquatic sea creature. The largest and most successful Seabreacher operation (@hydroattacknz) running out of Queenstown, New Zealand have given over 150,000 rides to fare paying passengers. 

The Jet Shark is approximately three times the volume of the smaller, two seat Seabreacher, so electro-hydraulic controls are required to operate the large dive planes. These, along with the rear elevators and vectored jet thrust, are responsible for maneuvering the very buoyant Jet Shark underwater. The Jet Shark will only dive about five feet below the surface and the snorkel/camera pod remains above the water at all times. If the vessel loses power for any reason, it instantly returns to the surface.


Safety has been an overriding obsession in the development of the Jet Shark. The vessel contains enough static flotation that it will always remain buoyant and self-right even if the entire vessel is completely flooded. A host of onboard cameras, sensors, and Lidar will also ensure the Jet Shark remains well away from other vessels and waterway users during its shallow dives. 

Cockpit controls and instrumentation look more like those out of a private jet than a conventional recreational boat. Rob Innes, founder of The Jet Shark, says “this vessel was primarily designed from the feedback we received from our 170+ Seabreacher customers. We want to offer

customers the excitement of the very agile Seabreacher but in a more comfortable, practical, and reliable vessel. However, it was still very important to me that we created a very sexy modern design that didn’t resemble an underwater minivan!”

The Jet Shark is still in its development phase and will require more testing and certification before production units will be delivered to customers, however, the company is now taking pre orders and assigning build numbers. Delivery of the first Jet Sharks are expected to be late 2024. Retail price for the Jet Shark  is estimated to be US $250k - $300k depending on the specifications and options.

See it at the NorCal BOat, Sport & RV Show March 1-3, 2024.